Immersive Explorer


Explore your computer using the Metro style from Windows 8


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Immersive Explorer is an app that allows you to explore your computer using an interface that is identical to Metro, the colorful and intuitive window design that Windows 8 will use.

You can comfortably access all of the folders on your computer from the app, and it's very easy to move between them and manage them. However, most of the most basic features that usually come with an explorer (for example, the ability to delete folders or copy documents from one place to another) still don't work.

Despite these drawbacks, the visual and eye-catching style of Immersive Explorer makes it a pleasure to move through the guts of your hard drive using its interface. In addition, the image viewer does work perfectly, allowing you to maximize, rotate and edit images comfortably.

Immersive Explorer is a very interesting tool not only because it allows you to see your computer just like you will using Windows 8, but also because you can do so without having to install anything at all.
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